High quality accommodation vessels

Our accommodation segment offers monohull vessels with high standard living quarters, recreation areas, conference facilities and fitness areas. Our unique telescopic gangway makes a safe walkway to and from work. The flexible gangway on our floatel can reach any unit – fixed or floating.

Our flotels enable us to safely and swiftly, transport employees away from harsh weather conditions such as cyclones and hurricanes.

Our accommodation vessels provide:
  • Accommodation for 600 people
  • Active heave-compensated telescopic gangway
  • Large deck area
  • Helideck with helifuel system
  • Passenger ship safety certification
  • Service minded, experienced and highly skilled crew


Edda Adventures

Edda Accommodation also provide a unique concept called Edda Adventures, giving you the opportunity to experience the giants of the North Sea up close. Edda Adventures will later include other activities such as ballast trips and other exciting ad-hoc adventures. If you want to experience life onboard a proper offshore vessel, keep updated on our future trips by signing up for our newsletter or make your booking today. You will find both options on www.eddaadventures.com 

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