Sun Enabler (LARF 7)

Builder:Baatbygg AS

Main Dimensions

Breadth:18,0 m
Draft:6,8 m


Operator:Østensjø Rederi AS
Builder:Baatbygg AS
Call sign:LARF 7
Port of Registry:Bergen
IMO no.:9489651
Classification:DNV +1A1, SF, Comfort-C(3)-V(3), HELDK-SH, E0, DYNPOS AUTR, CLEAN, ICE-C, NAUTOSV (A), DK (+)


Length o.a.:85,30m
Length b.p.:75,0m
Breadth mld.:18,0 m
Draft max.:6,8 m

Tonnage - Deadweight

Gross tonnage:4398 GT
Net tonnage:1320 NT

Deck loading capacities

Outside deck area:650 m2

Deck equipment

Deck cranes:Aux Crane : 2 x1.5 t / 10.3m
Tugger winches:2x 5t wire length: 70m
Offshore crane:Single part: 50 T at 16 m. 20 T at 27 m. Double part: 100 T at 10 m. Wire lenght: 2000 m. Active Heave Compensated to 100 T. Aux winch (AHC): 12 T at 25 m. Wire length: 500 m


Main engines:4x CAT 3516B, 1,800 kW
Generator set:4x 1901 kW.
Fuel type:MGO

Auxiliaries / Electrical power

Generators:4 x 1901 kW

Electrical systems and power management

Speed / Consumption

Max speed / Consumption:Approx. 16 knots
Service speed / Consumption:Approx. 12.5 knots

Main propellers


Bow thrusters:2x 1150 kW RR, TT2200 DPN CP Tunnel
Bow azimuth thruster:1 x UL 2001 CP / 6100, Rolls Royce

Bridge / Manoeuvering

Bridge controls:Kongsberg K-THRUST. 3 integrated K-POS/K-CHIEF operator stations.
Loading / Discharging:Kongsberg K-CHIEF 700 - Remote monitoring of all tanks and start/stop of all ship systems

Dynamic positioning system

Type:Kongsberg K-POS DP-22
Approval / Class:DNV DYNPOS-AUTR. IMO Class 2
Reference systems:1 x HiPAP 500,1 x HiPAP 502, Seapath 330, DPS 232, Cyscan, RADIUS 1000
Sensors:3 x S.G. Brown Meridian Gyro. 1 x Octans Gyro, 3 x Wind sensor
ERN number:99,99,99

Liquid tank capacities

Marine Gas Oil:1120 m3
POT water:428 m3
Drill Water/Ballast:1868 m3
Slop tanks:47,8 m3
Fresh water production unit:Reversed Osmosis. 18 m3/day at 15-25 celsius sea water temp. 15 m3/day at 5 celsius sea water temp.

Liquid discharge

Fuel Oil pumps:NA
Fresh water pumps:NA
Ballast pumps:2 x 140 m3/hour. Pressure 15m M.L.C
FW high pressure pumps:Sentralized HP washer. 36 l/min at working pressure 160 Bar/Max 200 Bar. Maker Wap/Kew Duo Booster.
FW transfer pump:NA

Navigation equipment

Radar:1 x Furuno FR-2817 3 cm ARPA. 1 x Furuno FAR-2837S 10 cm ARPA. 1 x Furuno RCU016 slave display
Electronic Chart System:2 x Telchart ECDIS
Compass:3 x S.G. Brown Meridian Gyro. 1 x Octans Gyro
Autopilot:1 x Integrated in Kongsberg K-POS DP-22. 1 x Anschuetz Pilotstar D
Echo Sounder:1 x Furuno FE 700 with digital depth indicator
DGPS:1 x Furuno GP 80
AIS:1 x Furuno Universal FA 100
Voyage data recorder:1 x VR 5000
Sound direction finder:NA
LRIT:1 x Sailor TT-3000 LT mini C
Log:1 x Furuno DS 80 with remote displays
Helideck Monitoring System:1 x Kongsberg Seatex HMS 100

Communication equipment

General:GMDSS installation in accordance with IMO regulations for vessels operating within Sea Area A3
GMDSS Radio MF/HF Transceivers & DSC:1 x Furuno FS 2570
GMDSS VHF with DSC:1 x Furuno DSC-FM8900S, 1 x Furuno DSC-FM8700
GMDSS VHF portable:3 x Jotron Tron
GMDSS EPIRB:1 x Jotron 40S. 1 x Jotron 45SX
GMDSS SART:2 x Jotron Tron
GMDSS Inmarsat C:2 x Furuno Felcom 15
UHF:5 x GP 380 Handheld Statoil 12 x GP 340 Handheld 1 x GM 360 Stationary
Sattelitte sytem:1 x V-sat. 1 x Iridium
Mobile Telephone:GSM
Telefax:GSM and V-sat
Sat TV system:Marlink
Helicopter Communication:1x Fixed and 3 x portable VHF


Total no. berths:72
Total no. of cabins:46
Single cabins:20
Double cabins:26
Hospital:1 x 8,7m2
Other:Lounge, meeting room, Online Room, Offline Room, Gymnasium, Reception and Wardrobe

Lifesaving / rescue

Approved lifesaving appliances for:LSA approved for 66 persons
Liferafts:8 x 25 persons. Type: Viking
Rescue/MOB boat:Springer MP 660, waterjet with 200 HP
Fire-fighting/foam:Water/Foam pump/monitor covering helicopter deck

Module handling tower


Helicopter deck:For Sikorsky S-92 Rules: CAA CAP437
ROV systems:An ROV hangar is situated aft of the accommodation area.
Anti heeling system:1 x Anti heeling pump 2000 m3/h. Automatic-/manual system
Deck power supply:440 V and 230 V