Apprentice and cadet positions

We believe in building future competency within the company. Therefore, every summer, new apprentices and cadets join our company trainee programs. This training will provide the skills needed to become either an able seaman, motorman, electrician or officer. As a trainee, you will be well taken care of. A training instructor will be appointed to you, responsible for your professional development. Our instructors have a certificate of proficiency as assessor. In addition to building your competency and skills, we can guaranty you a great social experience as well.

Want to be a trainee at Østensjø Rederi?

For high school graduates:
Admission to the two-year apprenticeship program is through apprentice office Maritimt Opplæringskontor Sør/Vest Norge. Please contact them at Admission starts in May each year.

For Norwegian maritime college graduates:
Østensjø Rederi have an annual admission of both deck- and engine cadets at the beginning of May each year. Information about the admission process will be given directly to students at our collaborative schools.


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