• Edda Mistral
  • Edda Mistral

Edda Mistral (MBEI 3)


Main Dimensions

Length:81.00 m
Breadth:17.00 m
Draft:5.40 m


Operator:Østensjø Rederi
Delivered:Planned August 2018
Yard no.:NB471
Call sign:MBEI 3
Port of Registry:Grimsby
IMO no.:9808778
Classification:DNV, 1A1, EO, BIS, SPS, DK+, Comfort-C(2)V(2), CLEAN DESIGN, DYNPOS-AUTR, NAUT-AW
Safety regulations:MCA, Worldwide (ex.Panama and Suez), trade within GMDSS Sea area A3, Solas 1974/1978, International Convention on Load Lines, Pollution Prevention - MARPOL 1973/1978, MLC, ISM, ISPS
Outline of the vessel:Rolls Royce UT540WP


Length o.a.:81.00 m
Length b.p.:74.17 m
Breadth mld.:17.00 m
Depth mld.:7.20 m
Draft max.:5.40 m
Air draft:38.00 m

Tonnage - Deadweight

Gross tonnage:4881 GT
Net tonnage:1464 NT
Deadweight max:TBC

Deck loading capacities

Deck measurements:27.0m x 16.7m
Outside deck area:360m2
Inside deck area (hangar):27.4m x 16.7m, 350m2
Deck cargo capacity:TBC

Deck equipment

Anchor chain:9 shackles PS, 9 shackles SB. Type: 46 mm DNV K3 Stud Link
Anchors:2 x 3300 kg. Type: Yangyuan Marin Equipment Casting Co
Anchor Windlass / Mooring Winch:2 x Rolls-Royce, MW100F/AW6K3
Mooring winch:2 x anchor windlass/mooring winches forward
Deck cranes:1 x Palfinger PK4501MS0.9, 1 x Palfinger PK65002/M/ES3.5
Tugger winches:2 x Adrida Winch, PW E 80
Capstans:2 x Rolls -Royce, MW100F aft
Offshore crane:1 x SMST, 3D-MCC-M-1


General:Diesel electric propulsion plant. 2 x Diesel-electric driven Rolls-Royce US 205 P20 CP Azimuth Thrusters. 2 x AC asynchronous water-cooled motors. Each: 1500 kW at 1180 rpm, 690 V, 0-60 Hz. Supplied from frequency converter at switchboard
Main engines:4 x MTU 16V4000 M33S 1800 RPM
Generator set:4 x 2306 kW. Total: 9225 kW (12370 BHP)
Horse power ration:7680 kW ( 10445 BHP)
Fuel type:MDO / MGO

Auxiliaries / Electrical power

Generators:4 x 2000 kW, 690 V, 60 Hz, 900 - 1800 rpm. Total: 8000 kW (10728 BHP)
Emergency generator:225 kW, 690 V, 60 Hz, 1800 rpm

Electrical systems and power management

General:Rolls Royce SAVe Cube

Main propellers

Speed:0-268 rpm
Diameter:2 x 2400 mm
Manoeuvring machinery:Diesel Electric, MTU/


Bow thrusters:Tunnel thruster

Bridge / Manoeuvering

Bridge controls:Rolls-Royce Helicon X3, Icon DP2 (3 operator stations), Poscon Independent Joystick (single)

Dynamic positioning system

Type:Rolls-Royce Icon DP2 (3 stations)
Reference systems:2 x DGNSS, 2 x Lasers (CyScan), x Uptime Gangway Interface
Sensors:3 x Heading Sensors, 3 x Motion Reference Unit, 3 x Wind sensor
ERN number:99,99,99,98

Liquid tank capacities

Marine Gas Oil:1120 m3
POT water:428 m3
Drill Water/Ballast:1868 m3
Slop tanks:47,8 m3
Fresh water production unit:Reversed Osmosis. 18 m3/day at 15-25 celsius sea water temp. 15 m3/day at 5 celsius sea water temp.

Liquid discharge

Ballast pumps:2 x 140 m3/hour. Pressure 15m M.L.C
FW high pressure pumps:Sentralized HP washer. 36 l/min at working pressure 160 Bar/Max 200 Bar. Maker Wap/Kew Duo Booster.
FW transfer pump:200 M2

Navigation equipment

Radar:1 x Skanner Multiplot Platinum X-Band Radar, 1 x Skanner Multiplot Platinum S-Band Radar
Electronic Chart System:2 x SAM Electronics Multiplot Platinum ECDIS
Compass:3 x Anschultz Standard 22 Gyro Compass, 1 x Cassens & Plath magnetic compass
Autopilot:1 x Integrated in SAM Electronics Multiplot Platinum
Echo Sounder:1 x Skipper Electronics, GDS101
DGPS:2 x Furuno, GP-170
AIS:1 x Saab Transponder Tech, R5 Supreme
Voyage data recorder:1 x SAM Electronics, Debeg 4360
Sound direction finder:SRS Phonetech, 8300MKII
LRIT:1 x Thrane & Thrane, Sailor 3027
Log:1 x Skipper Electronics, DL850

Communication equipment

General:GMDSS installation in accordance with IMO regulations for vessels operating within Sea Area A3
GMDSS Radio MF/HF Transceivers & DSC:1 x Thrane & Thrane Sailor 6310/6360
GMDSS VHF with DSC:2 x Thrane & Thrane, Sailor 6222
GMDSS VHF portable:Motorola DP4401 UHF ATEX
VHF:5 x Motorola DM2600
GMDSS EPIRB:1 x Jotron Tron 60-S
GMDSS SART:2 x Jotron Tron SART20
GMDSS Inmarsat C:2 x Thrane & Thrane (Sailor 6006)
UHF:5 x Motorola DM2600
Sattelitte sytem:1 x V-sat
Sattelite system:1 x Iridium
Mobile Telephone:GSM
Telefax:GSM and V-sat
Sat TV system:1 x Seatel, 120TV


Total no. berths:62 x Beds
Total no. of cabins:60 x Cabins
Single cabins:58 x Single cabins
Double cabins:2 x Double cabins
Office:5 x Offices
Hospital:1 x Hospital
Other:Gymnasium, Dayroom, Mess room, Coffee Shop, Galley, Provisions, Stores, Laundry, Linen Lockers

Lifesaving / rescue

Approved lifesaving appliances for:LSA approved for 62 persons
Liferafts:6 x 35 persons
Rescue/MOB boat:Maritime Partner, Weedo 700 MKII


Helicopter deck:Marine Aluminium Helideck 17.5
Offshore crane:SMST, 3D-MCC-M-1
Anti roll system:Active Anti Rolling System
Anti heeling system:Anti heeling system
Deck power supply:400 V, 230 Vac, and 110Vac