Edda Sphynx (LASD8)

Built: 2021
Builder: Qingdao Wuchuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Flag: Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS)

Main Dimensions

Length: 97,149 m
Breadth: 22,031 m
Draft: 7,20 m
Deadweight: 5331 T


Owner: Sphynx Shipowning INC.
Operator: Østensjø Rederi AS
Built: 2021
Builder: Qingdao Wuchuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Delivered: August 2021
Yard no.: BH00002A10M
Design no.: Salt 305
Call sign: LASD8
Flag: Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS)
Port of Registry: Haugesund
IMO no.: 9777319
MMSI No.: 258022000
Classification: 1A1 Offshore service vessel(+) BIS BWM(T) Clean(Design, Tier III) COMF(C-3, V-3) DK(+) DYNPOS(AUTR, E) E0 ECA(SOx-A) Ice(C) NAUT(OSV(A)) Recyclable SF SPS
Safety regulations: NMA, World Wide, GMDSS A3, Solas 1974/1978, International Convention on Load lines, Pollution Prevention - MARPOL 1973/1978, INLS certificate
Outline of the vessel: The vessel is designed as a Inspection Maintenance & Repair Vessel. It is specially designed for operation in northern waters and high focus on excellent manouverability and station keeping capabilities.


Length o.a.: 97,149 m
Length b.p.: 88,185 m
Breadth mld.: 22,031 m
Depth mld.: 9,2 m
Draft max.: 7,20 m
Air draft: 40,2 m (from keel)

Tonnage - Deadweight

Gross tonnage: 7388 GT
Net tonnage: 2217 T
Deadweight max: 5331 T

Deck loading capacities

Deck measurements: 40 m x 19 m
Outside deck area: 1100 m2
Inside deck area (hangar): WROV hangar 73 m2. OBS ROV hangar 36 m2
Deck cargo capacity: Main deck: aft of #3: 25 t/m2, #3 - #72: 10t/m2. 2400 t VCG 1m above deck.

Deck equipment

Anchor chain: 11/12 shackles
Anchors: 2 x 5610 kg. Type: Spek Stockless
Anchor Windlass / Mooring Winch: 2 x 120 kN HATLAPA by MacGregor
Mooring winch: 2 x 120 kN
Deck cranes: 3t @ 3,7 m - 1,5 t winch wire 3500 m
Tugger winches: 2 x 150 kN HATLAPA by MacGregor
Capstans: 2 x 120 kN
Offshore crane: Single part: 50 T at 15 m. 15 T at 25 m. Double part: 100 T at 7,5 m. Wire lenght: 2000 m Active Heave Compensated to 100T. Aux winch (AHC): 10 T at 26 m. Wire length: 450 m Man riding SWL 5 T. Type: Hydramarine
Offshore crane no 1: Main Crane MacGregor Knuckle Jib Crane, Single Fall Mode: 150 t @ 11 m AHC, 25 t @ 35 m AHC. Water Depth Main Crane Singel Fall: 3000m. Main offshore crane Aux Hook: 10t @ 36m, Water Depth : 650m.
Offshore crane no 2: Auxiliary Crane MacGregor Offshore Knuckle Jib Crane, Single Fall lift mode: 25t @ 10 m AHC, 12t @ 20m AHC, Water Depth Auxiliary Crane: 2200m


General: Diesel electric propulsion plant. 2 x , SCHOTTEL Azimuth each 3000 kW. Type: SRP 3030 FP
Main engines: 4 x HIMSEN. Type: 6H32/40. Each 2880 Kw, 720 rpm
Generator set: 4 x HIMSEN. Type: 6H32/40. Each 2880 Kw, 720 rpm
Horse power ration: Total 11200 kW
Fuel type: MDO / MGO

Auxiliaries / Electrical power

Generators: 4 x Siemens 3360 kVA (2688 kW)
Battery: 2 x 622 kWh
Harbour generator: 1 x Catepillar, 968 bkW, 1800 rpm. Type: 3508 BTA
Emergency generator: Caterpillar C32 Marine Emergency Genset 675EkW@1800rpm

Electrical systems and power management

General: Switchboards by Siemens AC690 Switchboard

Main propellers

Type: 2 x SRP 3030 FP each 3000 kW
Speed: 178 rpm
Diameter: 3200 mm
Manoeuvring machinery: Electric steering system SST 1001 Dual


Bow thrusters: 2 x SHOTTEL STT 7 FP each 2050 kW
Bow azimuth thruster: 1 x SCHOTTEL SRP 1012 ZSV FP 1000 kW
Stern thruster: 1 x SCHOTTEL STT 4 FP 1200 kW

Bridge / Manoeuvering

Bridge controls: Kongsberg K-Master
Loading / Discharging: Kongsberg K-Chief 700

Dynamic positioning system

Type: Kongsberg K-Pos
Approval / Class: DNV DYNPOS-AUTR. IMO Class 2
Reference systems: Kongsberg HiPAP 501, USBL acoustic (Sonardyne Ranger 2), DPS 232, DPS 132, Kongsberg RADius 1000Q, SpotTrack, Seapath DGPS
Sensors: 4 x Gyro, 4 x Motion Reference Units, 4 x Wind Sensors
ERN number:

Liquid tank capacities

Marine Gas Oil: 1263 m3
POT water: 1147 m3
Drill Water/Ballast: 4506 m3
Misc.tanks: 220 m3
Urea: 104 m3
Fresh water production unit: 2 x 18 m3 pr/day

Liquid discharge

Fuel Oil pumps: 2 x 0-150 m3/h
Ballast pumps: 2 x 0-150 m3/h
Discharge piping: 4" WECO Connections
FW high pressure pumps: 2 x 60 bar @ 75 m3/h
FW transfer pump: 2 x 0-150 m3/h

Navigation equipment

Radar: Kongsberg K-Bridge Radar (3 cm + 10 cm)
Electronic Chart System: 2 x Kongsberg K-Bridge ECDIS
Compass: 2 x Gyro
Autopilot: Kongsberg K-Bridge Autopilot
Echo Sounder: Skipper GDS 102
Voyage data recorder: TRON 40VDR
Sound direction finder: Vingtor VSS-V2
Log: Skipper DL 850
Helideck Monitoring System: HMS 900

Communication equipment

General: GMDSS installation in accordance with IMO regulations for vessels operating within Sea Area A3
GMDSS Radio MF/HF Transceivers & DSC: SAILOR 6301
GMDSS VHF with DSC: 2 x Sailor 6222
GMDSS VHF portable: 3 x Sailor SP3520
VHF: 2 x Sailor 6210
GMDSS EPIRB: 2 x Tron 60s, 1 x Tron 40VDR
GMDSS Inmarsat C: 2 x SAILOR 6110 mini-C GMDSS
UHF: 8 x Motorola DP 4401 Ex (handheld), 4 x Entel HT833 Ex (handheld)
Satellite system: Array
Mobile Telephone: 3 x GSM system
Sat TV system: Array
Helicopter Communication: 2 x Jotron TR-810


Total no. of beds: 100
Total no. of cabins: 61
Single cabins: 26
Double cabins: 33
Quadruple cabins: 2
Office: 8 including Hospital Office
Hospital: 1
Ventilation/A-C for accommodation: High pressure single-pipe fully redundant ventilation system. Full heating/AC throughout the accommodation
Other: 1 x Conference room / operation room, 3 x lounges, 2 x sunken offices @ bridge wings, mess room (50 people), wardrobe, 1 x gymnasium,

Lifesaving / rescue

Approved lifesaving appliances for: LSA approved for 100 persons
Liferafts: 4 x Viking 25DKF + 30S (25 Persons), davit launched
Rescue/MOB boat: Merlin 615 Water jet
Life boats with davit: 2 x 50 persons.Type JYN75 Lifeboat
Fire-fighting/foam: Water/Foam pump/monitor covering helicopter deck

Module handling tower

General: 1 x 30 T , 2000 msw 4,5mtr.Hs. 1 x Effer crane 44 TM 2,9 T at 12,33 m


Helicopter deck: Helicopter deck designed for Sikorsky S-92 (12,8 T). Helideck designed and equipped in accordance with relevant authorities. Helicopter monitoring system
Helicopter Reception: 1
Moonpools: 1 x Future moonpool 7200 mm x 7200 mm
Offshore crane: Single part: 50 T at 15 m. 15 T at 25 m. Double part: 100 T at 7,5 m. Wire lenght: 2000 m Active Heave Compensated to 100T. Aux winch (AHC): 10 T at 26 m. Wire length: 450 m Man riding SWL 5 T. Tugger winch x 2 4t SWL Type: Hydramarine
ROV systems: Hangar with arrangements for installation of LARS and ROV on PS and SB. Module skidding system on deck
Large side gates in ship`s side: Hinged hydraulic operated side gate in hangar on PS and SB (5640 mm x 9660 mm)
Anti roll system: 2 x Passive roll reduction tanks
Anti heeling system: 2 x Anti heeling pump Framo 1000 m3/h, each. Automatic-/manual system
Deck power supply: 2 utility stations for power supply to deck.