Vortex (LEFR)

Built: 2010
Builder: Astilleros Gondan
Flag: NOR

Main Dimensions

Length: 38,7 m
Breadth: 14,6 m
Draft: 7,2 m


Operator: Østensjø Rederi AS
Built: 2010
Builder: Astilleros Gondan
Yard no.: 447
Design no.: AWT 37/80
Designed by: Robert Allan Ltd
Call sign: LEFR
Flag: NOR
Port of Registry: Haugesund
IMO no.: 9525508
Classification: Bureau VeritasI; Fire-fighting 1; Oil recovery; Tug ; Cleanship AUT-UMS Unrestricted navigation
Safety regulations: SOLAS


Length o.a.: 38,7 m
Length b.p.: 12,0 m
Breadth mld.: 14,6 m
Depth mld.: 5,93 m
Draft max.: 7,2 m
Operational draft: 7,0 m
Air draft: 21.0 mts

Tonnage - Deadweight

Gross tonnage: 839 GT
Net tonnage: 252.0

Deck equipment

Towing pins: 1. Type: Karmoy Retractable Forks. 1. Type: Sharks jaw
Deck cranes: 1 x 3,1 T at 11,5 m. 7,35 T at 5,2 m. Type: Effer 44000-3SL
Tugger winches: 2 x 9 T. Type: Karmoy
Hydraulic retractable staple: 1 Type: Karmoy Retractable Escort Staple


Main engines: 2 x Wartsila. Type: 8L26
Horse power ration: 7208 BHP/5300KW

Auxiliaries / Electrical power

Generators: 2 x Volvo Penta, each 139 kW 1500 rpm. Type: D7A-BTA

Electrical systems and power management

Electrical power: 2 x Stamford generators, each 163 kVA, 400 V, 50 Hz. Type: UCM274H-2

Main propellers

Maker: 2 x Voith
Type: 32R5/265-2
Diameter: 1700 mm


Bollard pull: 73 tonnes
Steering force at 10 knots: 130 tonnes
Braking force at 10 knots: 170 tonnes
Speed free running: 10 knots

Liquid tank capacities

Marine Gas Oil: 362 m3
POT water: 83 m3
Grey water: 16.7 m3
Foam: 24 m3
Oil recovery: 226 m3

Fire fighting equipment

Firepumps: DNV Fi-Fi 1 Class. 2 x 1500 m3/h
Firemonitors: 2 x FFS water/foam monitor 1200/300 m3/h
Foam: 2 x FFS water/foam monitor 1200/300 m3/h
Other: Vessel Protection water Deluge System. Protection equipment


Oil booms: Optional. Drum for Oil Boom fitted
Oil skimmer: Optional. Arrangement prepared for Skimmer

Towing equipment

Main towing winch: Type: Karmoy Hydraulic Split Drum. PS Escort line or Work Wire. SB Main Tow Wire. Remote Hydraulic Spooling gear
Pull/Brake force: 206 T Pull. 300 T Brake
Main tow wire: 1 x 1000 m 57 mm or 1 x 150 m 51 mm.
Work wire: 1 x 150m x 51mm
Escort line: 1 x 200 m 92 mm Synthetic HMPE. MBL 500 T with pennant
Spare tow/escort line: 1 x 1000 m 57 mm
Storage drum: Split drum for Wire/Rope
Equipment: Shackles, Pennants, Links, Bridle & Stretcher rated to vessel size

Navigation equipment

Radar: 1 x Furuno FAR-2117BB 3 cm ARPA. 1 x Furuno FAR 2137S 10 cm Chart Radar
Electronic Chart System: 2 x Furuno Tecdis
Compass: 1 x Transmitting Magnetic Compass
Autopilot: 1 x Simrad AP50
Echo Sounder: 1 x Furuno FE 700
Navtex: 1 x Furuno NX 700B
DGPS: 1 x Furuno GP 150
AIS: 1 x Furuno FA 150
Bridge Alarm Monitoring System: 1 x Furuno BNWKAS BR510
Log: 1 x Furuno DS 80 Doppler log
Lights: 2 x Search Lights 250 W

Communication equipment

General: GMDSS installation in accordance with IMO regulations for vessels operating within Sea Area A3
GMDSS Radio MF/HF Transceivers & DSC: 1 x Furuno FS 1570
GMDSS VHF with DSC: 2 x Furuno FM 8800 S
GMDSS VHF portable: 3 x Jotron Tron TR 20
VHF: 1 x Sailor RT4800. 2 x Handsets
GMDSS EPIRB: 1 x Tron 45 SX. 1 x Tron 40 S
GMDSS SART: 2 x Tron SART 20
GMDSS Inmarsat C: 2 x Furuno Felcom 15
UHF: 1 x Motorola GM360. 3 x Motorola GM340 ATEX
Sattelitte sytem: KA-Sat phone/data
Mobile Telephone: GSM
Sat TV system: SeaTel


Single cabins: 4 x Single cabins
Double cabins: 3 x Double cabins
Office: 1 x Office
Other: Messroom, Dayroom, Galley, Gymnasium, Washroom, Laundry

Lifesaving / rescue

Approved lifesaving appliances for: LSA approved for 10 persons
Liferafts: 2 x 10 persons
Rescue/MOB boat: Valiant RB 450. Approved for 6 persons