High-end Accommodation vessel

Our accommodation segment offers monohull vessels with high standard living quarters, recreation areas, conference facilities and fitness areas. Our unique telescopic gangway makes a safe walkway to and from work. The flexible gangway on our floatel can reach any unit – fixed or floating.


Edda Fides 0003
Edda Fides

As the world’s first purpose built offshore accommodation and service vessel, Edda Fides has several advantages over its competitors in the accommodation segment.

  • Total capacity of 600 persons
  • State-of-the-art Kongsberg Dynamic Positioning System, certified to DP3 class
  • Mono-hull vessel
  • Passenger certificate which allows for transport of personnel away from harsh weather conditions such as cyclones and hurricanes
  • Telescopic motion compensated gangway and pedestal that can be adjusted at sea
  • Valid Australian safety case
  • Experience; North Sea, Mediterranean, Australia and US Gulf
Edda Fortis

Edda Fortis is a Multipurpose Accommodation and Service Vessel, designed to cater for the highest standard of reliability to the customer. A next-generation accommodation vessel.

  • Total capacity of 800 persons
  • Mono-hull vessel
  • State-of-the-art Dynamic Positioning System, certified to DP3 class
  • Telescopic motion compensated gangway with adjustable pedestal

The concept of Edda Accommodation was first created in 2004. Purpose-built mono-hull accommodation vessel, designed for high-end accommodation services including safe and swift transfer of personnel. We can accommodate 600 people in a high-end home away from home. Edda Accommodation provides hotel catering, recreation, social areas, and modern cabins. Read more on Edda Accommodation’s website.