We innovate – we improve – we set standards

We continuously invest in people, our fleet and in new technologies. Østensjø Rederi is an innovative and industry-leading company, always striving to be two steps ahead of the market. Our focus is to make our vessels safer, greener and more efficient. As well as serving the market with industry-leading technology, we always work towards providing our clients with the best services.  Our dedication has resulted in us being the first to introduce solutions that today are considered industry standard.


Innovation timeline

1975First in the world to introduce high sides on platform supply vessels (PSV) to ensure deck workers safety. Industry standard today.
1984First in the world to install dynamic positioning (DP) on a PSV (Edda Fjord). Industry standard today.
1997Introduced the hose catcher on Edda Frigg. A cargo hose-securing device that ensures the safety of the crew.
2005To increase steering force we installed a Voith turbo fin on our VSP tractor tugs as one of the first in the field. This to increase steering force.
2007First in the world to introduce the following on a PSV vessel (Edda Fram): Voith Schneider propeller, active roll-reduction system and dedicated drill cutting tanks.
2008VSP introduced on Edda Flora
2011The monohull accommodation vessel Edda Fides came into service, becoming the first vessel of its type in the world.

First in the world to introduce Voith Schneider propeller on accommodation vessels.
2011Commissioned innovative "Heave Compensated Offshore Gangway" system for use in offshore industry
2013Developed a new diesel-electric propulsion system, Siemens Blue drive C, which uses less fuel and reduces NOx and emission of greenhouse gases. The system made Edda Ferd the world’s most environmentally friendly PSV at the time of her delivery.
2017Delivery of three powerful sisters: Dux, Pax and Audax. 160 ton escort tugs with Wärtsila dual fueled engines running on clean LNG.