Efficiency at sea

Østensjø Rederi will be a leading, innovative and environmental friendly supplier of high quality maritime services. We will provide satisfactory return on invested capital, and be a preferred employer.


Our values

Our values are the essence of Østensjø Rederi’s identity and they express the ideals we strive to live up to every day. Our values help us set direction and guide our decisions, actions and the way we interact with others.

We actively seek new opportunities and solutions in regard to vessel design, collaborate partners, business areas, vessel operations, the environment and safety related issues.

We are open to new ideas and encourage all our employees to share their ideas and suggestions to further improve our services.

We have the courage to innovate and to try new things. A success might be found in the unknown and yet to be discovered.

We care about each other, our trainees, our investors, our clients and the environment.