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  • 2. February, 2023

    Horizon Europe funds first-of-a-kind maritime onboard application of superior safe LOHC technology at megawatt-scale with 15 million Euros in Ship-aH2oy project

    Clean LOHC/SOFC propulsion system to power Service Operation Vessel, providing significant improvement from conventional internal combustion engines With 8.5 million Euros, leading market pioneer Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies together with Hydrogenious LOHC Maritime receive largest share within the total project funding volume Edda Wind provides Service Operation Vessels and have prepared their...
  • 31. January, 2023

    Østensjø Rederi won Haugesund Sparebank’s sustainability award 2023

    We are proud to announce that Østensjø Rederi won Haugesund Sparebank’s sustainability award Monday 30th of January 2023. The jury's reasoning for us winning, was that we are a pioneering company that leads the way in the industry, and they are proud to have a company like Østensjø Rederi in their...
  • 4. July, 2022

    Østensjø vessels to Svalbard for the clean-up of Svea

    Store Norske is taking in vessels from Østensjø Rederi on one of the most ambitious environmental projects in Norway. Platform supply vessel, Edda Ferd "When Svea Nord was closed in March 2020, a new camp was established at Kapp Amsterdam with associated functions such as workshop and power station. In August,...