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  • 19. January, 2022

    Once upon a time when we could meet in person

    Throughout our company’s history, we have had as a tradition to once a year gather “sea and land” for an Operations Meeting.  We get together for a status update, technical discussions, and most importantly: socialising. Photos and stories from the meeting have always had their place in our magasine Sjøfartstidene,...
  • 20. December, 2021

    Sjøfartstidene 2021

    https://issuu.com/ostensjo/docs/2021_sj_fartstidene We're happy to announce the release of our annual magazine, Sjøfartstidene, 2021 edition. Hope you'll enjoy reading stories about some of what has been going on in Østensjø Rederi over the last year. Click on the embedded Issue link for a more "read friendly view" or click on the...
  • 14. October, 2021

    Introducing the Østensjø Rederi Sustainability Action Plan

    The Sustainability Action Plan is set up to be an online dynamic portal for all stakeholders to explore and get familiar with our sustainability goals and initiatives. Being a sustainability company does not only concern the environmental aspect, it is also measured through three dimensions; environmental, social, and governance...