Haugesund, 26 January 2024

Østensjø Rederi is pleased to announce that they have secured multiple long-term contracts for their offshore fleet. The contracts, that have a total contract value in excess of NOK 2 billion, will be executed by Subsea Vessels Edda Fauna, Edda Sphynx and Edda Savanah, and Offshore Flotel Edda Fides.

– We take great pride in entering into new contracts with key industry players, acknowledging our ability to deliver high-quality maritime services. We look forward to working together with our clients and collaborating on performing advanced offshore operations, says CEO of Østensjø Rederi, Kristian Helland Vea.

Kristian Helland Vea, CEO of Østensjø Rederi. Photo: Grethe Nygaard.

The new contracts reflect an offshore energy market in improvement with strong demand and increasing rates.

– I am very pleased with the scale of the contract awards. Operating in a market with sustainable rates, is a development that is not only positive for us but also for the industry as a whole, says Vea.

Contract length varies between the vessels but secures utilization throughout 2024 and into 2026.

Flotel Edda Fides. Photo Uavpic.com


For further information, contact: Kristian Helland Vea, CEO of Østensjø Rederi – kristian.vea@ostensjo.no

About Østensjø Rederi Østensjø Rederi is a leading provider of integrated maritime services. The privately owned company owns and operates vessels within the offshore oil & gas, offshore wind, offshore accommodation, and towage services, providing maritime services to the global offshore energy markets. Østensjø Rederi is an international company, headquartered in Haugesund, Norway.