The Sustainability Action Plan is set up to be an online dynamic portal for all stakeholders to explore and get familiar with our sustainability goals and initiatives.

Being a sustainability company does not only concern the environmental aspect, it is also measured through three dimensions; environmental, social, and governance (ESG). The Sustainability Action Plan, shaped by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, includes our company’s statistics, initiatives, and goals on how to become a more sustainable company. Our goal is to be transparent on all relevant ESG issues and to continuously improve.

Not only is the Sustainability Action Plan a great tool for all stakeholders to be updated on our statistics, initiatives, and goals, but it is also a great reporting tool. As reporting standards become more stringent, we will now have an up-to-date tool to easier report live and relevant numbers.

Through the work with the Sustainability Action Plan, we wish to ensure that sustainability is incorporated in every decision we make, every project we complete, and every process we go through. We hope that our stakeholders will be curious, and give us feedback using the feedback button on the page.

Visit the Sustainability Action Plan here: