Along with Østensjø Rederi’s strategy to take an even stronger foothold in the Renewable segment, it is decided to change Håkon L. Vevang’s position to Chartering Manager – Renewables.

Håkon’s position will be equal to Kristian H. Vea who remain responsible for Chartering in both the Offshore- and Towage segment in Østensjø Rederi and Hilde G. Svendsen who remain responsible for Chartering within the Offshore Accommodation segment in Edda Accommodation.

Håkon has been Østensjø’s Charterer with primary focus on the Renewable segment and has been instrumental to the deals Østensjø have achieved since Ørsted (Dong) in 2015 and onwards, so this move is a natural way forward both for him and the company.

  Photo: Øyvind Sætre