We are pleased to announce contract renewal with DeepOcean for Edda Flora

Østensjø Rederi and DeepOcean have signed a new contract for Edda Flora. The new contract will commence Q1/2019 and will secure firm utilization until end of 2020.

“Edda Flora together with Edda Fauna have been on contract to DeepOcean since the vessels were delivered in 2008 and we are very pleased that this relationship will continue for both vessels. This is further an evidence that Østensjø Rederi is in position to secure high utilization for its fleet even in this challenging market, says CEO Kenneth Walland”. In addition to these two vessels, Østensjø Rederi’s large offshore construction vessel Edda Freya built 2016 is already engaged on a long-term contract with DeepOcean.

Photo: DeepOcean