After 46 days traveling from the conversion yard in Denmark via Panama, Edda Fonn has finally reached New Zealand. The now diving support and hydrographic survey vessel is sold from Østensjø Rederi, Norway to the Royal New Zealand Navy. The vessel, who will be re-named HMNZS Manawanui, will be utilised for disaster relief, search and recovery and explosives disposal in the Pacific.

A typical mission for Edda Fonn could be to the islands in Fiji. Using just over three days to get to the islands and being able to hold station there for close to a month. The vessel’s excellent fuel-efficiency will be essential in the vast waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Edda Fonn has now shifted to Auckland, where ownership will be transferred to the Crown on May 21st. It will spend the rest of the year being fitted with military equipment.

Photo: Royal New Zaeland Navy