We’re taking a small step towards a greener future! At Østensjø Rederi innovation and sustainability are at our core. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we now offer biofuel as an option for all our clients. For every contract, Østensjø Rederi will offer the choice of a more sustainable fuel, derived 100% from renewable raw materials.

Østensjø Rederi Sustainability Action Plan

We believe in the power of trial and failure because progress comes from taking risks and learning along the way. Knowing that there is not just one magic fix to the fuel issue and that there’s no time to wait for the perfect solution when it comes to our planet’s future, we’re committed to trying various options and using what is available.

As part of reducing the CO2 emission, we have bunkered 50,000 liters of Biofuel (HVO 100) onboard our tug Vivax.

Clients can now choose to purchase eco-friendly biofuel for any contract or single operation for any vessel in the fleet. To make this work in practice, the biofuel will be utilized on our tugboat, Vivax, zeroing out and replacing the equivalent amount of regular fuel on the chartered vessel in question.

The client will get a signed statement from Østensjø Rederi as evidence that the operation/cargo run/time frame etc., have been carried out with a zero-emission footprint.

Read more about our initiative on our Sustainability Action Plan

Biofuel initiative

Bunkering of biofuel