During Q1 2021, LCV’s- (Light Construction Vessels) Edda Fauna, Edda Flora and PSV (Platform Supply Vessel) Edda Ferd will undergo a mid-life upgrade to make their operations even greener.

Edda Fauna and Edda Flora will be equipped with hybrid battery system from Wärtsila to improve fuel consumption. Edda Ferd will be upgraded with shore power systems.

Funding from Enova is an important contribution in this project.

By utilizing the battery system, the reduction of the fossil fuels during operations in the field will be between 20 and 30 percent, depending on weather and wind.  Not only does this benefit our environment and contribute to Østensjø’s strategy on greener operation, it also reduces our fuel costs.   

“The batteries onboard Edda Fauna and Edda Flora stabilize the power demand onboard. When using the batteries for peak shaving and spinning reserve it will reduce the number of running generators required to perform DP-operations. The battery system will also reduce the need for maintenance and give a more stable and safe operation”, says Chief Project Officer, Egil Arne Skare.

Edda Ferd will be upgraded for shore power.

“We are seeing more and more shore power facilities in ports everywhere we go. We of course must be part of that development. We are talking about simple modifications”, says Egil Arne Skare and states that the environmental benefits are 100 percent, provided that the shore power is supplied from a renewable source.

“Reduction of our environmental footprint and identifying how our operations can be optimized to contribute to the United Nations sustainability goals have a high focus. By installing battery systems onboard Edda Fauna and Edda Flora, and shore-power connection onboard Edda Ferd, our fuel consumption and emissions are significantly reduced”, says CEO, Kenneth Walland.