Østensjø Rederi has decided to rename Sun Enabler before the commencement of the new Fugro-contract in March. Her new name will be “Edda Sun”, in line with the rest of the Edda-fleet and Østensjø Rederi’s proud tradition.

The first “Edda Sun” was an anchor handler delivered in 1975, owned by Helmer Staubo & Co. in Oslo, as one of the original vessels in the Edda Supply Ships (ESS) fleet.

The original Edda Sun, owved by Helmer Staubo & Co., delivered in 1975. Photo: Østensjø Rederi

Edda Supply Ships was established by five Norwegian ship owners who operated their vessel in a pool arrangement. After the offshore crisis in the ’80s, Østensjø Rederi (at that time Johannes Østensjø dy) was the only company left and has since traded ESS as a part of the Østensjø group of companies.

We wish “Edda Sun” and her crew bon voyage and successful operations in the new contract.

The new Edda Sun, previsously Sun Enabler. Photo: Ko Rusman