Life at Østensjø Rederi

At Østensjø Rederi quality is not just a goal but a way of life. We call it “The Østensjø way”. We are passionate about attracting talented and motivated individuals eager to embark on a challenging and rewarding career. As a dynamic international company, we offer opportunities onshore as well as onboard our diversified fleet. Here, you will find a setting that not only suits your skills but also propels your professional growth.

Our work environment

We pride ourselves on fostering a friendly and helpful work environment. Whether you are part of our onshore team or working offshore, you will experience a strong sense of community and teamwork. We believe in presenting as a unified team, where every member is valued and respected. Health, safety, and security are integral to our operations, ensuring a safe and supportive workplace for everyone.

The Østensjø way

We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workforce. We believe that a varied and dynamic team is key to achieving the highest quality in every aspect of our operations. From our people to the quality of the work environment we offer, and the high standards of our vessels, everything is done “The Østensjø way” – the way of quality. This includes our commitment to environmental sustainability, where we continuously invest in research and development to maintain a fuel-efficient and eco-friendly fleet.

Why join us?

By joining Østensjø Rederi, you become part of a professional, sustainable, and forward-leaning organization that values quality and innovation. We offer challenging career opportunities where your skills and ideas will be valued and nurtured. Our highly skilled personnel and the welcoming, professional atmosphere ensure job satisfaction and growth.

Elevate your career to new heights at Østensjø Rederi. Here, you’ll join a team that values quality, inclusivity, and sustainable innovation. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures that your contributions are not only valued but are essential to our steady growth and collective success. Discover a place where your career can thrive and your efforts can shape a more sustainable future.