Edda Fauna (JWMZ3)

Built: 2008
Builder: Aker Yards Brattvåg
Flag: Norwegian International

Main Dimensions

Length: 108,7 m
Breadth: 23,0 m
Draft: 7,8 m
Deadweight: 6200 t


Operator: Østensjø Rederi AS
Built: 2008
Builder: Aker Yards Brattvåg
Delivered: January 2008
Yard no.: 117
Call sign: JWMZ3
Flag: Norwegian International
Port of Registry: Haugesund
IMO no.: 9368948
Classification: DNV+ 1A1, SF, E0, ICE-C, DYNPOS AUTR (ERN 99 99 99 99), CLEAN ,DK(+), HL(2,8), LFL*, CLEAN, COMF-C(3)-V(3), NAUT OSV(A), HELDK-SH, DE-ICE, BATTERY POWER
Safety regulations: NMA, World Wide, GMDSS A3, Solas 1974/1978, International Convention on Load Lines, Pollution Prevention - MARPOL 1973/1978
Outline of the vessel: The vessel is designed as a Inspection Maintenance & Repair Vessel. It is specially designed for operation in northern waters and high focus on excellent manouverability and station keeping capabilities. The vessel is built for the following main tasks: • ROT operations using module handling system • Inspection and ROV operations • Light construction works • Scale squeeze and pumping operations • RFO operations. It has also the following special features: • MHS operations in enclosed hangar areas. • Skidding system for 60 tons modules on main deck. • LARS handling system for OBS-ROV and WORK- ROV. • Three moonpools for MHS and ROV operations. • Fixed installed Scale Squeeze system onboard. • SCR catalytic reactors for reduced Nox emissions to air. • DE-ICE notation, with covered lifeboats, mob boats, bow area and hangar area


Length o.a.: 108,7 m
Length b.p.: 97,86 m
Breadth mld.: 23,0 m
Depth mld.: 9,6 m
Draft max.: 7,8 m
Air draft: 36 m

Tonnage - Deadweight

Gross tonnage: 9464 GT
Net tonnage: 2840 NT
Deadweight max: 6200 t

Deck loading capacities

Outside deck area: 610 m2
Inside deck area (hangar): 650 m2
Deck cargo capacity: 10 t/m2

Deck equipment

Anchor chain: 11 shackles PS, 10 shackles SB
Anchors: 2 x 5250 kg
Anchor Windlass / Mooring Winch: 2. Type: ABW 7017
Mooring winch: 2 x 10 T. Type: ABW
Deck cranes: 4 x 1 T at 15 m. 2 x 1 T at 10 m. 1 x 3 T at 10 m
Capstans: 2 x 10 T. Type: ABW
Offshore crane: Single part: 100 T at 15 m. 25 T at 35 m. Wire Max hook travel: 2000 m. Aux winch: 10 T at 37 m. Wire length: 1000 m. Type: Hydramarine, Active Heave Compensated Limitations: Wind 24 m/s and Hs 3,5 m


General: Diesel electric propulsion plant. 2 x 3500 kW Rolls Royce Azipull. Type: AZP120, CP frequency driven, Alconza el motors
Main engines: 6 x Catepillar. Type: 3516 C. Each 2230 bkW, 1800 rpm. Total: 13380 bkW
Generator set: 6 x AVK. Type: DSG86. Each 2000 ekW, 690 V, 60 Hz. Total: 12000 ekW
Horse power ration: Total: 12000 ekW
Fuel type: MDO / MGO

Auxiliaries / Electrical power

Generators: 6 x AVK, each 2000 ekW, 690 V, 60 Hz. Total: 12000 ekW. Type: DSG86
Battery: 2 x 622 kWh
Harbour generator: 1 x Catepillar, 1138 kVA, 1800 rpm. Type: 3508 B AVK DSG 74 M1-4W
Emergency generator: 1 x Catepillar, 189 bkW, 1800 rpm. Type: C9

Electrical systems and power management

General: Switchboards by Aker Yards Electro AS. LLC - Low Loss Concept by Wãrtsila / WÄS

Main propellers

Maker: 2 x Rolls Royce Azipull
Type: AZP120 CP NBC 35TME
Speed: Estimated 200 rpm at MCR
Diameter: 3200 mm


Bow thrusters: 2 x Rolls Royce Tunnel thrusters, each 1500 kW. Type: TT2400, super silent, frequency driven, Alconza el. motors
Bow azimuth thruster: 1 x Rolls Royce Retractable azimuth thruster, 1500 kW. Type: UL 2001 FP

Bridge / Manoeuvering

Bridge controls: Rolls Royce Manoeuvering system
Loading / Discharging: Wartsila IAS

Dynamic positioning system

Type: Kongsberg K-Pos
Approval / Class: DNV DYNPOS-AUTR. IMO Class 2
Reference systems: HiPAP 502, Seapath 320-5, DPS i3, SAAB, Fanbeam, RaDius
Sensors: 3 x Simrad GC80 Gyro, 3 x Motion Reference Unit, 2 x Wind sensor
ERN number: 99,99,99,99

Liquid tank capacities

Marine Gas Oil: 1670 m3
POT water: 1252 m3
Drill Water/Ballast: 2820 m3
Slop tanks: 50 m3
Brine: 483 m3
Methanol: 305 m3
Special products LFL/LFL*: 305 m3
Misc.tanks: 250 m3
Urea: 82,8 m3
Fresh water production unit: 2 x 25 m3 - max 50 m3/day

Liquid discharge

Fuel Oil pumps: 1 x 0-150 m3/h
Brine pumps: 2 x 50-125 m3/h. 2 systems
Specal products pumps: 4 x 10-75 m3/h. 2 systems
Ballast pumps: 2 x 0-150 m3/h
Tank washing system: 13 x in Brine, Slop and Special product tanks
Agitators: 2 x in Special Product tanks. Hydraulic driven
Discharge piping: 4”
FW booster pumps: 2 x 0-75 m3/h
FW high pressure pumps: 2 x 0-60 m3/h. 30-60 bar
FW transfer pump: 1 x 50-150 m3/h
Scale squeese system: Scale Squeeze system integrated in the vessel: Total capacity 1100-1300 l/min, 690 bar. 3 x Scale Squeeze pumps, each 607 l/min, 690 bar. Hydr. driven. Hydr. powerpack, Scale Squeeze: Pumps x 12 440 l/min, 300 bar. 12 x 250 kW

Navigation equipment

Radar: 1 x Furuno S-Band Chart Radar FAR-3220-BB + 1 x Furuno X-Band Radar FAR 2338S + 1 slave Chart Radar aft. Both radars with ARPA
Electronic Chart System: 2 x Telko TECDIS T-2139C with 1 slave station and 2 conning displays
Compass: 3 x Simrad GC80
Autopilot: 1 x Furuno FAP-3000 with extra remote control+ 1 x Anchutz pilot star D
Echo Sounder: 1 x SAM Electronics Debeg 4630
DGPS: 2 x SAAB R4. 1 x SAM Electronics SATLOG 4100
AIS: 1 x Furuno FA-170
Voyage data recorder: 1 x Furuno VR-7000 VDR with Tron 40VDR Float Free Capsule
Sound direction finder: 1 x Vingtor VSS111
Log: 1 x Furuno DS 80
Helideck Monitoring System: 1 x Shoreconnection HMS 900

Communication equipment

General: GMDSS installation in accordance to IMO regulations for vessels operating within Sea Area A3
GMDSS Radio MF/HF Transceivers & DSC: 1 x Sailor Thrane & Thrane HC4500B
GMDSS VHF with DSC: 3 x Sailor Thrane & Thrane RT5022
GMDSS VHF portable: 3 x Sailor SP 3300
UHF: 14 x Motorola GP 340 (handheld) and 4 x Motorola GM 360
Satellite Communication System: 2 x Thrane LT3100S GMDSS Iridium
Satellite system: 1 x V-sat. 1 x Iridium
Mobile Telephone: 2 x GSM system
Telefax: NAVTEX
Sat TV system: V-Sat, Telenor
Helicopter Communication: 1 x VHF icom, 1 x VHF Jotron TR-810. 3 x VHF Portable Icom IC A6E


Total no. berths: 90 x Beds
Total no. of cabins: 65 x Cabins
Single cabins: 38 x Single cabins
Double cabins: 26 x Double cabins
Office: 10 x Offices with a total of 300 m2
Hospital: 1 x Hospital
Ventilation/A-C for accommodation: High pressure single-pipe fully redundant ventilation system. Full heating/AC throughout the accommodation
Other: 3 x Operation rooms, Bridge 270 m2, Large Fitness room with sauna and solarium, Cinema/Gaming Room, 3 x Wardrobe, Laundry, Lounges (Smoke, Non Smoke, Library), Internet Cafe

Lifesaving / rescue

Approved lifesaving appliances for: LSA approved for 90 persons
Liferafts: 6 x 35 persons
Rescue/MOB boat: Mare Safety, GPR 600 FRC with 212 HP. Hydramarine Davit HMD-A32
Life boats with davit: 2 x 90 persons. Type: Eide Marine Service
Fire-fighting/foam: Water/Foam pump/monitor covering cargo deck area and helicopter deck

Module handling tower

General: Totally integrated tower inside hangar. AHC 60 tons, 2000 msw. Designed for safe operations in wave height Hs = 5 m. Module skiddingsystem integrated in maindeck complete with push/pull units and skidding pallets.


Helicopter deck: Helicopter deck designed for Sikorsky S-92 (9,3 T)
Helicopter Reception: 1
Moonpools: 1 x Moonpool 7,2 x 7,2 m with removable bottom hatch and top hatch. 2 x Work ROV moonpools 4,8 x 4,8 m
Offshore crane: Single part: 100 T at 15 m. 25 T at 35 m. Wire Max hook travel: 2000 m. Aux winch: 10 T at 36 m. Wire length: 1000 m. Type: Hydramarine, Active Heave Compensated
ROV systems: 2 x Work ROV Moonpools with launching arragements. 1 x Hangar PS with arrangements for installation of LARS and ROV. Module skidding system on deck 60 T
Large side gates in ship`s side: Hinged hydraulic operated side gate in hangar on PS and SB. Hinged hydraulic operated side gate on main deck SB
Anti roll system: 3 x Passive roll reduction tanks
Anti heeling system: 1 x Anti heeling pump Framo RBP400-1, 2000 m3/h. Automatic-/manual system
Deck power supply: 440V/ 100A, 160, 650A