Edda Fides (LGPR3)

Built: 2011
Builder: Astillero HJ Barreras Vigo
Flag: NIS

Main Dimensions

Length: 130,0 m
Breadth: 27,0 m
Draft: 7,2 m
Deadweight: 7607 t


Operator: Edda Accommodation
Built: 2011
Builder: Astillero HJ Barreras Vigo
Delivered: March 2011
Yard no.: 1664
Call sign: LGPR3
Flag: NIS
Port of Registry: Haugesund
IMO no.: 9456290
Classification: DNV, +1A1, ICE C, Passenger Ship, SPS, Fire Fighter II, SF DYNPOS AUTRO, CLEAN DESIGN DK (+), COMF-V (2), COMF-C (3), NAUT AW, HELIDK-SH, PMS, E0
Safety regulations: SOLAS, MARPOL, ISPS, USCG
Outline of the vessel: Detailed vessel description document: A detailed vessel description is available in the QA base (Doc reference 1720)


Length o.a.: 130,0 m
Length b.p.: 126,0 m
Breadth mld.: 27,0 m
Depth mld.: 9,4 m
Draft max.: 7,2 m
Operational draft: 6,5 m – 7,0 m
Air draft: 44,52 m from keel

Tonnage - Deadweight

Gross tonnage: 20323 GT
Net tonnage: 7126
Deadweight max: 7607 t
Displacement: 16179,8 t at 6,5 m draught / 17099,8 t at 6,8 m draught

Deck loading capacities

Outside deck area: 1060 m2
Inside deck area (hangar): 150 m2 Workshop
Deck cargo capacity: 1500 t.

Deck equipment

Gangway: 42 m heave compensated telescopic gangway inclusive max stroke of 7 m with adjustable pedestal
Anchor chain: 11 shackles PS and SB. 605 m total
Anchors: 2
Anchor Windlass / Mooring Winch: 2. Type: Aker Pusnes AS
Mooring winch: 2. Type: Aker Pusnes
Deck cranes: 2 x 15 T @ 20 m. Type: TTS
Tugger winches: N/A
Capstans: N/A
Offshore crane: 60 T @ 25 m. 10 T @ 50 m. Type: TTS


General: Diesel electric propulsion plant. 5 x Voith, each 2500kW. Type: 32R5 EC/265-2
Main engines: 6 x Wartsila. Type: 9L26
Generator set: 6 x 2925 kW. Total: 17550 kW
Horse power ration: 22815 BHP
Fuel type: MDO / MGO

Auxiliaries / Electrical power

Generators: 6 x 2925 kW. Total: 17550 kW
Emergency generator: 500 kW

Electrical systems and power management

General: Switchboards by Wartsila

Main propellers

Maker: 5 x Voith, each 2500 kW
Type: 32R5 EC/265-2
Speed: 62 rpm


Bow thrusters: 2 x Brunvoll Tunnel thrusters, each 1400 kW

Bridge / Manoeuvering

Bridge controls: Bosch Rexroth, Brunvoll
Loading / Discharging: Wartsila IAS

Dynamic positioning system

Type: Kongsberg K-Pos 11 / 21
Approval / Class: DNV DYNPOS-AUTRO. IMO Class 3
Reference systems: 2 x DGPS, SpotTrack, 2 x Dual Radius, Gangway
Sensors: 3 x Gyro, 3 x Motion Reference Unit, 3 x Wind sensor
ERN number: 99,99,99

Liquid tank capacities

Marine Gas Oil: 2470 m3
POT water: 2457 m3
Drill Water/Ballast: 5975 m3
Lube oil: 159 m3
Slop tanks: 163,8 m3
Bilge Water tanks: 116.5m3
Misc.tanks: Hydraulic oil 35,5 m3
Grey water: 1106 m3
Sewage tanks: 224 m3
Fresh water production unit: 3 x 100m3/24h RO units

Liquid discharge

Fuel Oil pumps: 2 x 0-163 m3/h at 9 bar
Ballast pumps: 2 x 0-250 m3/h
Discharge piping: 4"
FW booster pumps: 3 x 40 m3/h
FW high pressure pumps: 150 bar
FW transfer pump: 1 x 0-150 m3/h

Fire fighting equipment

Firepumps: 3 x Fire pumps 100m3/hr - 10 bar
Firemonitors: 2 x 3600m3/hr

Navigation equipment

Radar: 2 x SAM Electronics Chart radar with ARPA. 1 x X-band and 1 x S-band
Electronic Chart System: 4 x SAM Electronics Chart pilot 1100 ECDIS
Compass: 3 x Simrad Gyro
Autopilot: 1 x SAM Electronics Trackpilot
Echo Sounder: 1 x SAM Electronics DEBEG 4630
Navtex: Furuno NX 700
AIS: 1 x SAM Electronics
Voyage data recorder: 1 x SAM Electronics VCA 003
Log: 1 x SAM Electronics
Helideck Monitoring System: 1 x Kongsberg Seatex HMS 100

Communication equipment

General: GMDSS installation in accordance with IMO regulations for vessels operating within Sea Area A3
GMDSS Radio MF/HF Transceivers & DSC: 1 x Furuno
GMDSS VHF portable: 6 x Jotron
VHF: 1 x Motorola DP 4401 VHF
GMDSS EPIRB: 6 x Jotron Tron 40S Mk2 (lifeboats)
GMDSS SART: 6 x Jotron Tron SART20 (lifeboats)
GMDSS Inmarsat C: 1 x Furuno Felcom 15
UHF: 4 x fixed Motorola GP340. 25 x portable Motorola GP340
Satellite Communication System: 1x Iridium LT-3100S
Satellite system: Vsat & Nera Fleet 77
Mobile Telephone: NOR Cell Phone
Telefax: N/A
Helicopter Communication: 2 x ICOM IC-A110. 3 x ICOM A6E


Total no. berths: 600 Beds
Total no. of cabins: 180 x Cabins
Single executive cabins: 27
Cabins with 2 single sleeping cabins: 18
Cabins with 2 double sleeping cabins: 135
Office: Office space in total 67
Hospital: 1 x Hospital with office, treatment room and sick bay with 3 beds
Ventilation/A-C for accommodation: High pressure single-pipe fully redundant ventilation system. Full heating/AC throughout the accommodation
Other: High standard accommodation facilities.

Lifesaving / rescue

Liferafts: 4 x 150 persons BRUDE
Rescue/MOB boat: 2 x 13 Persons. Type: HD 720 ASI
Life boats with davit: 6 x 100 persons. Type: Fully enclosed tanker version


Helicopter deck: Helicopter deck designed for S-61, S-92 and EH-101. "D" 27,75. Weight 12,8 T. (Norway 1,25D - Maximum D value 22,2 m )Helideck designed and equipped in accordance with relevant authorities. Helicopter monitoring system. Refueling plant
Helicopter Reception: 1
Anti roll system: 2 x Passive roll reduction tanks. Active roll reduction with Voith Schneider system
Ballast water treatment system (BTWS): Optimarin167 m3 Microkill 35kW-167, pump control from IAS
Anti heeling system: 2 x Anti heeling pumps 1200 m3/h. Automatic-/manual system
Deck power supply: 2 x 1800kVA transformers; ROV supply, 4 x Socket stations 450V, 230V and 110V
Marine Advisory System - OCTOPUS: OCTOPUS will provide advice on how to operate the gangway to ensure safe crew and offshore personnel transfers between two free-floating vessels. The system will calculate hydrodynamic parameters and their impact on vessel responses, as well as give insights into maximizing operational uptime within critical motion and acceleration limits. In addition to enhancing the crew and passenger transfer safety, OCTOPUS will optimize the overall operational performance of Edda Fides. Alarms will provide onboard warnings if pre-set limits are exceeded, while the OCTOPUS Fleet Portal will enable the shoreside operating staff to monitor vessel performance indicators.