Edda Freya (LKRV3)

Built: 2016
Builder: Kleven Verft AS
Flag: Norwegian (NIS)

Main Dimensions

Length: 149,8 m
Breadth: 27,0 m
Draft: 8,3 m
Deadweight: 11549 Tons (summer)


Operator: Østensjø Rederi AS
Built: 2016
Builder: Kleven Verft AS
Delivered: May 2016
Yard no.: NB 373
Call sign: LKRV3
Flag: Norwegian (NIS)
Port of Registry: Haugesund
IMO no.: 97 156 60
MMSI No.: 258712000
Safety regulations: NMA, World Wide, GMDSS A3, Solas 1974/1978, International Convention on Load Lines, Pollution Prevention - MARPOL 1973/1978
Outline of the vessel: The vessel is designed as a Offshore Construction Vessel, cabel laying operations and Inspection Maintenance & Repair Vessel. With specially high focus on excellent manouverability and station keeping capabilities combined by a environmently profile. The vessel is built for the following main tasks: Inspection and ROV operations, Construction works. It has also the following special features: VLS tower, Skidding system for modules on main deck. LARS handling system for OBS-ROV and WORK- ROV. Two moonpools for ROV operations. SCR catalytic reactors for reduced Nox emissions to air.


Length o.a.: 149,8 m
Length b.p.: 138,3 m
Breadth mld.: 27,0 m
Depth mld.: 12,0 m
Draft max.: 8,3 m
Air draft: 50,2 m (from keel)

Tonnage - Deadweight

Gross tonnage: 17078 GT
Net tonnage: 5123 NT
Deadweight max: 11549 Tons (summer)

Deck loading capacities

Outside deck area: Approx. 2250 m2
Deck cargo capacity: 10t/m2 fwd of Main crane, 15t/m2 aft of Main crane

Deck equipment

Anchor chain: 11/12 shackles
Anchors: 2 x 5850 kg
Anchor Windlass / Mooring Winch: 2 x 20 tons NDM Electrical Split drum
Mooring winch: 3 x 20 tons NDM Electrical Split drum
Deck cranes: 1 x NOV knuckle Jib Crane Single Fall: 10t @ 15m; 5t @ 20m, 2 x ROV Hangar Cranes, Aukra Marine telescope crane 1,1t 7m; 2,9t @ 3m, 1 x Provision Crane, Aukra Marine Telescope Jib Crane 1t @ 9,8m; 3,8t @ 3,1m
Tugger winches: 4 x 10 tons CT NDM Electrical Single drum
Capstans: 2 x 10 tons NDM Electrical
Offshore crane no 1: NOV Knuckle Boom Crane port side. 400T
Offshore crane no 2: NOV Knuckle Boom Crane Stbd side, 70t


General: Diesel electric propulsion plant. 4 x 2100 Kw electric motors connected to 2 x Scana Volda Propellers
Main engines: 2 x MAK: Type 8M32E each 4400 kW 504-750 rpm, 2 x MAK: Type 6M32E each 3300 kW 504-750 rpm, 2 x MAK: Type 6M20C each 1140kW 650-1000 rpm
Horse power ration: Total: 17700 eKW
Fuel type: MDO / MGO

Auxiliaries / Electrical power

Generators: 2 x Siemens 690 Vac 42-62,5Hz 4268 eKW, 2 x Siemens 690 Vac 42-62,5Hz 3200 eKW, 2 x Siemens 690 Vac 43,3-66,7Hz 1080 eKW, Total of 17096 eKW
Emergency generator: 1 x Catepilllar 375 kW, 690V, 1800Rpm

Electrical systems and power management

General: Switchboards DC/AC "Siemens Bluedrive Plus C" DC switchboards 880-1100Vdc, with 4 battery pack of 135KW each, possebility to double the capasity. Hareid Group delivers AC switchboards 60Hz, 690/440/230/110V. Shore connection 440V 50/60Hz 400Ampere.

Main propellers

Maker: 2 x Scana Volda Propellers each 4200KW
Type: 4 bladed Controllable pich
Speed: Estimated speed: 0-145 rpm
Diameter: 4200 mm


Bow thrusters: 2 x Brunvoll tunnel thrusters each 2050 kW
Bow azimuth thruster: 2 x Brunvoll Retractable Azimuth Thrusters each 1500 kW
Stern thruster: 3 x Brunvoll tunnel thrusters each 2050 kW

Bridge / Manoeuvering

Bridge controls: Siemens RCS
Loading / Discharging: Kongsberg K-Chief 700 IAS system

Dynamic positioning system

Type: Kongsberg K-Pos DP-22/ K-Pos DP-12 & cJoy
Approval / Class: DNV DYNPOS-AUTRO. IMO Class 3
Reference systems: 2 x DPS 232, 2 x Seapath 330, 1 x CyScan system, 1 x RADius 1000 system, 2 x Kongsberg Redundant HiPAP® 502 system
Sensors: 3 x Gyro, 3 x Motion Reference Unit, 3 x Wind Sensors
ERN number: DP2: / DP3:

Liquid tank capacities

Marine Gas Oil: 2250 m3
POT water: 1017 m3
Technical Drillwater: 1132 m3
Technical Fresh Water: 85 m3
Drill Water/Ballast: 6085 m3
Glycol: 3,4 m3
Urea: 204,6 m3
Fresh water production unit: 2 x 40 m3/day

Liquid discharge

Drill water pumps: 1 x 0-150 m3/h
Ballast pumps: 2 x 0-150 m3/h

Navigation equipment

Radar: 2 x L-3 SAM Nacos Platinum Radarpilot, IP- Radars inc. ARPA, X and S band
Electronic Chart System: 2 x L-3 SAM Nacos Platinum ECDISpilot
Compass: 3 x Simrad GC 80
Autopilot: 1 x L-3 SAM Nacos Platinum Trackpilot, Heading / Course / Track control
Echo Sounder: 1 x Furuno FE 800
Navtex: Furuno NX-700-B
DGPS: 2 x Furuno GP-170
AIS: 1 x L-3 SAM Nacos Platinum AIS 3410
Voyage data recorder: 1 x SAM 4360 VDR
Sound direction finder: 1 x Vingtor VSS - 2
LRIT: LRIT Inmarsat -C, Sailor 3027
Log: 1 x Furuno DS-80
Helideck Monitoring System: 1 x SecRec HMS

Communication equipment

General: GMDSS installation in accordance to IMO regulations for vessels operating within Sea Area A3
GMDSS Radio MF/HF Transceivers & DSC: 1 x Sailor 6300, SSB 250w
GMDSS VHF with DSC: 2 x Sailor RT6222
GMDSS VHF portable: 5 x Jotron, Tron TR20 / 6 x Sailor SP3520
VHF: 2 x Sailor 6210
GMDSS EPIRB: 1 x Jotron, Tron 40S Mkll / 1 x Tron 60S
GMDSS SART: 2 x Jotron, Tron SART
GMDSS Inmarsat C: 1 x Sailor 6110 Mini-C
UHF: 14 x Motorola DP 4401 ATEX (handheld) and 4 x Motorola DM4600
Satellite system: 1 x Cobham Sea-Tel 5004 / 1 x Sailor Fleet Broadband
Helicopter Communication: 2 x Jotron TR-810 / 3 x ICOM IC-6E portable


Total no. of beds: 140 x beds
Total no. of cabins: 102 x cabins
Single cabins: 64 x Single cabins
Double cabins: 38 x Double cabins
Office: 20 including Hospital Office
Hospital: 1 x Hospital
Ventilation/A-C for accommodation: High pressure single-pipe fully redundant ventilation system. Full heating/AC throughout the accommodation
Other: Wheelhouse 171,6m2, Backup DP3 Bridge 39m2, Gymnasium 84m2, Sauna 6m2, Mess Room 197m2, Wardrobe for female. Wardrobe for male. Bootdriers, Drying Room. One Cinema/Brief/Gaming Room 30+30 Seats with two screens and folding wall between, Lounges: Tv lounge 1 35,5m2, Tv Lounge 2 34m2, Library 28,5m2, Smoker Lounge 27m2, Two outdoor recreation Areas

Lifesaving / rescue

Approved lifesaving appliances for: LSA approved for 140 persons
Liferafts: 2 x Viking 35 persons. Davit launched.
Rescue/MOB boat: 1 WEEDO 700 Mk 2, 200hp inboard, Davit HMD A 34 1 WEEDO 17 RB, 40 hp outboard, Davit HMD A15
Life boats with davit: 2 x 108 persons. Type LBT 1090C
Fire-fighting/foam: Water mist for engine, switchboard,incinerator, areas. Foam applicators Monitors and Pop Up nozzles covering helicopter deck.

Vertical launching system

General: 150t Huisman VLS, 2 x 75t 4-track Tensioners, Electric Driven Retractable Tensioners, 185t Below Deck A&R winch, Service Crane 18t @ 8m, 2 x 10t Hoisting Beams, 2 x 5t Moonpool Tugger Winches, 2 x 2t Product Handling Winches


General: 3000t IMECA Below Deck Carousel, 6m Ø Core, 24,3m Ø Overall, 6m Height, Spooling arm 8t SWL, Modular partioning


Helicopter deck: Helicopter deck designed for helicopter load of 16 T. Helideck designed and equipped in accordance with relevant authorities. Helicopter monitoring system.
Helicopter Reception: 1
Moonpools: 2 x ROV moonpools 6,3m x 4,2m, 1 x Work moonpool 7,2m x 7,2m
ROV systems: 2 x 220Hp Kystdesign Constructor WROV, 3000m water depth rating, MacGregor AHC Moonpool Launching and recovery System, 2 x ROV Handling Cranes Skidding system
Anti roll system: 3 x Passive roll reduction tanks
Anti heeling system: 3 x Anti heeling pump Framo RBP400-1, 2200 m3/h. Automatic-/ manual system
Deck power supply: 4 Utility stations Each With 690Vac 500Ampere, 440Vac 1000Ampere, 230Vac 100Ampere, 110Vac 100Ampere, 440/230/110 limitation to 2x1250KVA.
Incinerator: TeamTec : GS 500 CDIS