The first tanker for export of condensate, M/T Teattralny Bridge, arrived at the Grip pilot station, Kristiansund on 25 November at 0700 hrs. Because of inclement weather, they did not get the pilot onboard until 24 hours later, advises Hans Mevold, loading master for Østensjø Rederi, Aaukra, and adds: On arrival Nyhamna the conditions were still bad.

The vessel was assisted by Silex at Bud north of Nyhamna and anchored up at Tautra outside Molde until the following day at 0615 hrs. Thus yet another day went by before the tanker could sail in to Nyhamna.

Silex, Felix and Max assisted

The tugboats Silex and Felix plus the new mooring vessel Max and chartered Rokta assisted the vessel to the pier.

The vessel had completed loading on 28 November and sailed from Nyhamna at 1900 hrs. loaded with 46.700 cubic meters of condensate, Mevold adds. He tells us that the cargo will be discharged in Kalundborg, Denmark.

The maritime operation and the loading went well with good efforts by the above mentioned vessels and Østensjø port team, section Aukra, says the loading master.

The 27.225 gross ton vessel which came from Portland in the US, has a length of 182 meters and a width of 32.20 meters.

On delivery of gas all vessels are met by two tugboats plus two mooring vessels. Mevold and colleague Per Arne Husteli, who is also a loading master for Østensjø Rederi, coordinate the entry. They will be receiving approx. one vessel per week when the plant runs at full production. The gas deliveries will primarily go to Europe and USA.