M/V Edda Fauna was given her name on January 12th 2008, by her Godmother Mrs. Unni Margrethe Nestaas, the wife of Mr. Johannes Østensjø.

The vessel is an Inspection Maintenance & Repair Vessel. It is specially designed for operation in northern waters and with a high focus on excellent manouverability and station keeping capabilities. It is built at Aker YArds, Brattvaag in Norway and will be completed and delivered to our company in January 2008.

The vessel is built for the following main tasks:

  • ROT operations using module handling system
  • Inspection and ROV operations
  • Light construction works
  • Scale squeeze and pumping operations
  • RFO operations.

The Edda Fauna is also equipped with the following special features:

  • Module handling tower operations in enclosed hangar areas
  • Skidding system for 60 tons modules on main deck
  • LARS handling system for OBS-ROV and WORK- ROV
  • Three moon pools for Module Handling Services and ROV operations
  • Fixed installed Scale Squeeze system onboard.
  • DE-ICE notation, with covered lifeboats, mob boats, bow area and hangar area