Østensjø Rederi has been awarded a grant by Norsk Designråd for a project to increase safety in the galley.

Health and safety for Østensjø’s crew has long been a focal point in the company’s development. Traditionally the larger investments and innovations have taken place in the parts of the ship that are more directly involved in operations. This work has yielded very satisfactory results.

Unfortunately the same impressive development has not taken place for our crew in the galleys. Now, however, the company, which has always prided itself on being on the forefront of development, has decided to attempt to increase safety and reduce accidents in the galley. Towards this project, the company has been fortunate to receive a grant on NOK 550.000 (abt. USD 100.000) to fund the initial development of the new concept.

Østensjø Rederi is both proud and grateful for this, and look forward to developing an even more exciting and safe workplace for our crew.

Edda Fides Galley