Østensjø Rederi in coorporation with the local Maritime Forum hosted a network gathering at our office 24 March. Over 60 persons attended, wanting to learn more about our company.

Network gatherings are important arenas when building a strong local maritime network. Getting to know one another and each others abilities is vital when competing in an increasingly tougher market. To get ahead of the competition, and to survive hard times, we need to make each other strong and utilize our innovative skills, said Johan Rokstad, CEO of Østensjø Rederi.

Johan Rokstad did also inform about the company`s nine new building projects, his thoughts on the current market situation and the opportunities ahead. You can read more about the gathering on the local Maritime Forum pages: Network gathering (Text only available in Norwegian).

network gathering1
network gathering2network gathering

Pictures in courtesy of Sverre Meling Jr.