Haugesund Næringsforening arrange an annual christmas lunch. This year Østensjø Rederi had the pleasure of hosting it.

Present on the December 19th, were both members of parliament, mayors, county politicians, Maritime Forum and regional business leaders. CEO, Johan Rokstad held a speech in which both challenges and opportunities were discussed. The current market situation, with low oil prices and reduced activity, got focus in addition to infrastructure and competitive conditions for the maritime industry. The company’s proud history, the different segments in which we operate and our newbuildings were also reviewed.

The region’s parliamentarians got the opportunity to inform about currant affairs, whilst Egil Sævereide, CEO of Haugesundregionens Næringsforeningen, gave us a review of the most important cases in 2014 for them. All in all this was a great event, and we are glad to have been a part of it.

rokstad 2014stortingsrepr østensjø (2)Christmas meeting