Østensjø Rederi has placed an order for a large offshore construction vessel at Kleven yard with delivery in March 2016. The vessel will be chartered to the offshore contractor DeepOcean on a five and a half year contract. In addition, the charterer has four annual options for extension of the contract. Total value of the construction contract is NOK 1,400 million.

The new vessel has been designed by Salt Ship Design in close cooperation with Østensjø Rederi and DeepOcean. With a length of 149.8 metres, a width of 27 metres and 2300 square metres of total deck space the vessel will be a powerful tool in the offshore construction market. The vessel is specially designed to suit the Greater North Sea market and is equipped with a 150 tons dual tensioner vertical lay system (VLS) located in the moon pool, a 3000 tons carousel below deck and a 400 tons active heave compensated (AHC) knuckle boom main crane that can lift 600 tons in double fall mode.

The ship will be delivered with a new diesel electric hybrid propulsion system, which is an integrated part of Østensjø Rederi’s environmental concept, Mindset. The system (Siemens BlueDrive+C) is developed by Siemens in cooperation with Østensjø Rederi. By using variable rotational speed with optimal operation of the diesel generator in combination with batteries, the system will significantly reduce fuel consumption and the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and greenhouse gasses (CO2/methane).

Østensjø Rederi will have a crew of 33 persons on board, including 4 trainee positions. Total accommodation capacity of the vessel is 140 persons.

“The contracts with DeepOcean and Kleven are the largest entered into by Østensjø Rederi ever, and we are very pleased for being able to develop this highly sophisticated project within the Norwegian offshore cluster. It shows that the competence and competitiveness of the operators, owners, yards and designers in the cluster is world class. DeepOcean has been a highly valued client for Østensjø Rederi for 14 years, and we are very happy to see the relationship continue and develop. The trust given to us in this contract is a mark of respect to all our hard working and competent personnel,” says Johan Rokstad, Chief Executive Officer of Østensjø Rederi.

DeepOcean’s will utilise the vessel in their service offerings in the SURF (Subsea Umbilicals Risers & Flowlines) segment in the Greater North Sea area.

“The addition of this SURF vessel provides us with the opportunity to serve our customers as a lead contractor and offer commercial benefits resulting from the bundling of our services. We have great knowledge of the subsea infrastructure in this region as the leading subsea IMR Contractor. We are witnessing a trend of larger and more complex subsea production assets as well as an increase in the number of replacement and rejuvenation projects requiring larger vessels. I believe the timing is right,” says Mads Bårdsen, President of DeepOcean.