If you live on the west coast of Norway you might see parts of Edda Freya pass by on her way to Kleven Shipping Yard.

Eddda Freya is under construction both in Polen and in Ålesund. The vessel contains of 10 building blocks all together, nine of which is being built in Polen on four different shipyards. The last block containing the machine rooms are being bulit on Kleven shipyard in Ulsteinvik.These days four of the building blocks are being transferred to Ulsteinsvik for assembly. The rest of the segments will be send in May and June. You may follow the transfer on www.marinetraffic.com here: Following Edda Freya

Launching are expected in august. During fall/winter season the tower, carusel and cranes will be assembled onto the hull. Updates will follow as Freya steadily reaches the orange swan stage. Just like the fairytale she will be as beautiful on the outside as on the inside when finished.

Photographer: Mirek Leszczynski for Kleven Shipping Yard: Leaving Gdansk