PRESS RELEASE November 6th, 2014

Østensjø Rederi AS has been awarded the tugboat contract at Melkøya terminal for Statoil ASA. The contract includes three tugboats and two mooring boats. Startup of the contract at Melkøya is set to March 2017. The duration of the contract is ten years with five optional years.

The scope of the contract include new building of three large escort tugs with a bollard pull of 100 tons and two smaller mooring launches with bollard pull power of 5 tons. The propulsion system will be a dual fuel system that can operate on LNG or marine gas oil. The tugs are designed in cooperation withthe CanadiandesignerRobertAllan, whom Østensjø Rederi has worked with for over15 years.

“Østensjø Rederi is very pleased with this award. We have provided tug services to Statoil for many years, and we are proud to still be a preferred partner for them in competition with national and international operators. Furthermore, it is particularly pleasing that we can supply vessels with a green profile”, says CEO of Østensjø Rederi, Johan Rokstad.