We are proud to announce that Østensjø Rederi won Haugesund Sparebank’s sustainability award Monday 30th of January 2023.

The jury’s reasoning for us winning, was that we are a pioneering company that leads the way in the industry, and they are proud to have a company like Østensjø Rederi in their local community. The way we are transparent in reporting our statistics through the Sustainability Action Plan was also highlighted.

Østensjø Rederi is a firmly locally rooted company, and we look forward to utilizing the prize to further strengthen our sustainability efforts, particularly aimed at the local community.

Thank you to Haugesund Sparebank for initiating such an award, shining the light on local companies and organizations, and thank you to our fellow nominees, Haaheim Gaard and Ølen IL for the extra efforts you do towards sustainability.

From left: Bente Haraldson Syre, General Manager Haugesund Sparebank, Katrine Hustvedt, Finance and Communication Coordinator Østensjø Rederi and Sunniva Fatland, QA Engineer Østensjø Rederi