Soon you will be able to follow Østensjø Rederi on the BBC serie “Channel Patrol”.

The BBC are making a further series of episodes in their documentary programme ‘Channel Patrol’ which focuses on the working lives of people and companies who have their livelihood on the coast of the English Channel. Solent Towage were asked to participate and were visited by a film crew who spent a day recording and interviewing, covering all aspects of the life and work of the tugs. They particularly focussed on one of the main tasks, the inward passage of a VLCC, spending many hours on board ‘Phenix’ with the master and his crew. The interviews also included questions on Ostensjo Rederi’s recent involvement with the salvage of the ‘Hoegh Osaka’ in Southampton.

The documentary is due to be screened in the Spring.

BBC filming
The photo shows ‘Phenix’ in a typical escort manoeuvre during the passage to ExxonMobil’s terminal at Fawley, Southampton where Solent Towage, the UK subsidiary of Ostensjo Rederi AS are contracted to provide waterborne services including ship handling, escorting, fire fighting and oil spill response. Three large escort tugs and two smaller ship handling tugs are in place to meet the requirements of the contract.