Tuesday 2 May, the financing contract for Edda Fortis was signed by all essential parties. Approximately 30 people were invited to the signing ceremony which was held at DNB headquarter in Oslo.

Johannes Østensjø and Håvard Framnes represented the vessel owners, Østensjø Rederi, at the event. The co-owners, Maas Capital, was also present with Hans Simons and Maia Michalowski. The three commercial banks financing the loan are DNB bank ASA, Sparebank 1 SR-bank and ABN Amro. In addition parts of the financing is guaranteed for by Ksure (Korea Trade Insurance Corporation) and Giek* (The Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency’s) . All parties attended the signing process.

*Giek is funded by Export Credit Norway.

From left: Ian Mace (legal advisor at Stephenson Harwood), Johannes Østensjø (owner of Østensjø Rederi), Young-Hak Kim (president and CEO of Ksure), Astrid Nordtorp (DNB bank ASA), Olav Einar Rygg (Export Credit Norway), Christopher van der Lagen (ABN Amro), Jostein Bjørnesen (Sparebanken 1 SR-bank). Behind Mr. Kim: John Forrester (legal advisor at Holman Fenwick Willan).