It was an excited group that gathered in the conference room this morning as COO Kenneth Walland welcomed them on board.

Getting to know our apprentices is vital in order to make a safe educational setting. That is why, each year, we invite all our new apprentices for a day at the office. This year the company will have 22 new apprentice positions, making the total number of apprentices in the company 45. During their “meet and greet” day at the office, they will meet relevant office staff,  know how we operate and find out what is expected of them during their training period. All in all an exciting day for both them and us.

Taking pride in being a training establishment

As a company we take pride in being able to share our knowledge with the ones who has chosen are trade as their future. We focus on providing high quality training throughout the training period and have dedicated crew to follow the apprentices on a daily basis. Together we work towards them being the best they can be in their professional choice of work. As our future employees might be sitting here today, training them well is in our own best interest.

Welcome on board!